Getting prepared for learning Angular 2

This is not something new now after Angular 2 has been released for several months already, but we just have not attached to it yet. We have been using Angular 1 since version 0.9 or 1.0.0 and now it is 1.4.5. This helps us a lot, save us tons of time of client coding and making greater experience for users and developers.

Nothing will last long, we got to make a move. We did not do a tutorial here but instead we do information broking - I means sharing resouces online :D.

We found useful resources that you may find it hard to getting started on its original website, so you can view another tutorials created by experts out there to help everyone learn. Okay, let's grab them, below are the link to useful resource, I hope both of us could got up to speed to be used to this very soon.

Great video tutorial on Angular 2 - you could not ask more than this...

If you are bored with videos, you can headstart with this great instructing tutorials:

And if you want to take a peek on how Angular 2 is being used with ES6, you can check out below:

Great, good days to go! Taking some times on new things and comments below for further resources or open up discussions, we appreciate ideas!

Stay tuned

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